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  • Developer: Oberon Media.
  • Genre: Puzzle Video Game, Action, Mystery, Strategy
User Rating: purble place Rating 4.9

purble place Game For PC, Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download

Purble Place for PC: Video games are a common pastime among individuals in their spare time. Video games, on the other hand, can have serious health consequences. People argue over whether these impacts are beneficial or harmful. Children’s learning, health, and social skills can all benefit from video games.


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Purble Place for PC, Windows 11/10 Free Download


Video games are enjoyed by both youngsters and adults. There is evidence that playing video games has health benefits. Video games have also been linked to sleep disturbances, media addiction, and aggressive conduct, according to a study.

When children play video games, there are several things to keep in mind. Some children have difficulty turning off or transitioning from video games. Others experience mood changes while playing or become hyperfocused afterward. There are other children who are secretive or who are completely absorbed in video games. There are, nevertheless, certain advantages.

While purble place download for kids, they can improve their cognitive abilities and learn new concepts. They can also assist the household’s younger members in becoming acquainted with many elements. purble place gameplay is a great example, as it has three mini-games of varying natures that Microsoft built into Windows Vista and Windows 7.

About purble place game


Purble Place PC is a three-game premium collection. It was debuted in Windows Vista and it is also included within the Windows 7. It was created by Oberon Media for Microsoft. Along with Windows 8, it is no longer accessible. Purble Place, along with Chess Titans & Shanghai Solitaire, was made public in Windows Vista build 5219. Purble Pairs (not in v0.4), Comfy Cakes, & Purble Shop are the three game packs available on the collection’s single main screen.

purble place pc download is a fun game for youngsters and teenagers to play. Adults, on the other hand, may benefit from it.

The game’s most crucial aspect is that it is an excellent learning environment. This is because the game aids in the development of cognitive skills. It’s a strategy game that also helps you think critically.

Mini Games in Purble Place for PC

Purble Pairs

purble place gameplay Pairs, like Concentration, is a pattern classification and memory game. The goal is to clear the table in the fewest number of turns possible. The game gets timed as the player’s ability level rises, the grid size expands, and more comparable photos are employed. Each game features one 5×5 grid, two 6×6 grids, and four 8×8 grids to solve at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels (Shamrocks, hearts, and also smiley faces or gumdrops).

In addition to a jester who automatically finds another match for an exposed card, there are numerous special pairs in the higher levels, such as a cake batter station card in Comfy Cakes that when paired, shuffles the board, a clock that adds more time to the timer, and a Comfy Cakes Chef who automatically finds and matches pairs of cards containing cakes. A sneak peek coin bonus allows the player to reveal all remaining cards for a few seconds, but each card shown counts as a turn. In version 0.4, this game is not accessible.

Comfy Cakes

Comfy Cakes is a game that requires good hand-eye coordination. The goal is to satisfy orders in a bakery by creating a cake to a given cake specification on the TV and directing a conveyor belt that transports the cake to different stations. Cake pan forms (square, circular, or heart-shaped), batter taste (strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla), three cake layerings (Red, green, or white), optional icing (strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla), and various decorations are all included in the cake (e.g. sugar may be sprinkled literally on top of the cake, and in much rarer cases, flames are applied to iced cakes to create a better and smooth glaze). If the cake does not meet the TV’s specifications, the player is fined, and the cake is discarded.

The game is ended if the player submits two or three erroneous commands. The player wins the game when a particular number of accurate orders are shipped in the box, and the score is tallied. The ultimate score is determined by the number of cakes produced, the number of wrong orders sent, and the player’s baking efficiency. The criteria get increasingly complicated at higher levels, and numerous cakes must be produced in tandem on a single conveyor belt. In one of the difficulty levels, the player produces roughly 5 or 6 cakes. The computer warns you the move isn’t authorized if you don’t get the characteristics in the plastic paper.

Purble Shop

purble place download Shop is a game about cracking codes. The hue of up to five hidden features (topper, eyes, nose, mouth, and garments) is determined by the computer. You have a variety of colors to pick from (red, purple, yellow, blue, or green), and each color can be used once, multiple times, or not at all. The player then has a limited number of chances to infer or predict the correct feature colors (not available in beginner difficulty). There are three degrees of difficulty: Beginner with three characteristics in three distinct colors; 33 = 27 alternative solutions are feasible.

Intermediate (44 = 256 solutions) and Advanced (55 = 3125 answers) are the two levels of difficulty. The basic and intermediate levels are guessing games in which the computer tells the player which things were correct after each step, thus deduction is limited. The computer does not inform the player whether individual things were correct at the advanced level, instead of providing simply the number of picks in the correct color and location, as well as the number of selects in the correct color but incorrect position. This level is comparable to the colored peg game Mastermind, in which logical reasoning is required to win (although, there is a small chance of succeeding through lucky guesses).

Objective of purble place gameplay

purble place

  • The goal of Purble Pairs is to clear the tiles in as few tries as possible. This aids in the development of children’s capacity to detect forms. It also helps them remember things better.
  • Coordination of your hands and eyes is required for Comfy Cake. To win the game, you must be quick and clever. The options keep piling up, and you’ll need to retain your cool to win.
  • It’s clear that Purple Shop is a game about cracking codes. The game will appeal to Minesweeper fans in particular. Because it’s more about comprehension than sheer speculation.
  • This is a single-player game. You compete with yourself while having a good time. With the extra benefit of being able to play all three games at the same time.

Features of Purble Place PC Download

Although there are endless features that are offered by Purble Place for PC, many can simply not fathom how special this game is. Furthermore, this game has other features as well and various mini-games that sets-it really far apart and makes things much more reliable and gradient in every possible venue and aspect that is out there.

  • There are three different game packages available.
  • Excellent user interface.
  • All operating systems are supported.
  • The most recent update is now available.
  • Support for memory enhancement.

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FAQs of Purble Place for PC

What is Purble Shop, exactly?
Purble Shop is a basic arithmetic game with five features: eyes, a nose, a hat, and apparel. The goal is to match one of the characteristics with the appropriate color.

The game starts with three colors and gets more complicated as you go.

What are Purble Pairs, and how does it work?
The game’s most important feature is pattern recognition. To empty a field of cards, you must disclose two pictures that are exactly the same.

The number of pictures that display on the screen grows with each grid. This option increases the difficulty of the game.

Unfortunately, Windows 10 no longer supports it. On Windows 10, this game is really difficult to play. There are still certain games that can be played on Windows 10, thankfully.

Is there a Purble Place in Windows 10?
Purble Place Gamplay may be downloaded and played for free on Windows 10 if you are a Windows 10 user.

Microsoft can reasonably expect Windows 10 users to download games from the Store in the same way they get other programs. However, I’m not sure why Purble Place Game Download isn’t available in the Windows Store for children.

Conclusion on purble place game

Throughout time, there have been groundbreaking games that have taken over the world by storm and today we have the purble place game. It is one of such games that was once used with Windows 7 devices when it recently bloomed.purble place game is surely something that is close to many hearts and people all around the world. It is a game that has our emotions and when we were children, we used to play this game a lot. Therefore we are going to conclude it now.

Thus go ahead and play the most favorite purble place gameplay of your lifetime with your friends, family and peers and take them on this nostalgia trip with all heart and admiration therefore you will be able to enjoy it all together on a much gradient experience.


User Reviews of Purble Place for PC


It’s a fun game for youngsters, but the previous edition was far superior. I suddenly remembered it and wanted to play it again, but everything has changed; there is now just one home, and it is no longer enjoyable. I used to really enjoy this game as a kid; it’s been 4 years, and I still believe the earlier version was superior. This 5-star rating is for the previous version, not the current one.


I adore this game, and I don’t think I’ll ever grow sick with it, even if I play it a hundred times. I just kind of anticipate more from it since it’s so fantastic and amazing. To state I’m not sure what my walls are alarming for, this game is so great on them that I asked videos Olivia, please please please install the game.


This game is one of my favorites. I used to play this game on my laptop when I was younger, although it was an older version. The old version is something I miss. I’m giving 5 stars to the previous version because there’s just one home in the new version. I, on the other hand, adore it. It’s also a fantastic game. I predict more games like this in the future.